Taekwondo – The Relaxation and Meditation

Taekwondo – The Relaxation and Meditation

Taekwondo relaxation and meditation

Introduction to Relaxation and Meditation In Taekwondo

Relaxation and meditation in taekwondo help us to improve our mental well-being and to gain control over our stress levels. As mentioned earlier in the previous chapters, taekwondo borrows some techniques from other martial arts. For instance, it was discussed that some of the techniques used in self-defense training may be borrowed from other kinds of martial arts such as Kung-Fu, Karate, etc.

Similarly, there are some meditation techniques which are common among martial arts practitioners. For instance, practitioners may choose to use tai chi, which is a form of meditation for Chinese martial arts. Regardless of which kind of meditation technique that a taekwondo practitioner chooses, each one of them has a significant role.


What Is The Importance Of Relaxation And Meditation In Taekwondo?

There are many reasons as to why relaxation and meditation are used in taekwondo. However, many experts believe that this particular martial art does not really emphasize the use of meditation and relaxation. Regardless of the belief, the following are some of the reasons as to why relaxation and meditation are important in taekwondo:


1. It helps to improve sleep patterns

Taekwondo involves a lot of physical activity. Students have to learn how to spar; they have to do strength training, among other things. Health experts believe that the brain is more active at night after an intense physical activity during the day. This might interfere with sleeping patterns and result in the student being moody and emotional the following day. Through meditation and relaxation, the student is able to relax the mind and have peaceful regular sleep patterns.


2. Improves performance

When preparing for a fight, the fighter has to be able to make a clear judgment of their opponent without being guided by emotions. Taekwondo requires the fighter to respond quickly to their opponents’ attack or defense without wasting too much time. Through meditation and relaxation, the fighter is able to make correct judgments and improve their overall performance in the tournaments.


3. It helps in training

In taekwondo there are many different patterns to learn and mastering them is not easy. It takes time and constant practice to be able to master each pattern. Many students may find themselves getting frustrated as they advance from one level to the next because the patterns become more complicated and difficult to properly execute. Frustration usually evokes our minds to “give up”. With a relaxed and calm mind, a student will be able to practice, without giving up, until they can be able to perfect their technique.


4. Helps to deal with the pain

Pain is another factor that taekwondo students have to deal with. The pain of strength training, the pain of being hit, etc. are all some of the things that a taekwondo practitioner may face every day when they are training. Students are expected to work past the pain and maintain a conscious calculating mind. This is not something that is easy to achieve but with time, it becomes easy.