Social Relationship

Social relationships


 1. Integrity

Taekwondo teaches students the five tenets which are essential for our day to day lives. It teaches its students integrity by encouraging them to make the right decisions. It teaches them that they should help other people that are in need. When this is carried on to the outside world, the students significantly improve their relationships by helping their friends, relatives, and even family.


2. Improves Self-discipline

Taekwondo is an art that encourages self-discipline. Students are taught how to take care of their bodies by banning them from smoking and drinking or indulging in other vices that can potentially harm the body. The classes also teach their students about keeping time and attending training. These are all things that require practitioners to have self-discipline.

In addition, the art teaches their students to be respectful of their elders, be loyal to their friends and family and respect their brothers and sisters. This helps to build a stronger bond with people in society.

Self-control is also another aspect that students can learn from taekwondo. The fighting techniques learned from the art are usually composed of controlled moves which are meant to cause no harm to the opponents during training. In the real world, the student will be able to walk away from a verbal argument before it becomes a full-blown physical fight.


3. It helps you to build self-esteem and confidence

When you practice taekwondo, your body image improves and you build on your self-esteem by taking on each challenge as presented to you. This newly acquired self-esteem helps you to build on your relationships and guides you effectively on how to tackle the challenges that come with relationships.