Some Disadvantages Of Taekwondo

What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Taekwondo?

Every type of martial art has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It is up to the student to weight the advantages of taekwondo in order to determine if it is the right kind of martial art for them to sign up for. The following are some of the disadvantages of taekwondo:


1. There may be injuries

For any activity where physical exercises are involved, injuries are likely to occur. Some of the techniques that are involved in taekwondo training may subject the practitioners to injury. These include falling, board breaking, etc. However, in order to prevent injuries, the instructors guide the students appropriately by advising them on how to properly execute the techniques for these activities.


 2. It takes longer to master

In order to earn a black belt, the student must go through rigorous training and advance from one level to the next. This might take some time since the student has to master the techniques at each level to perfection. They have to learn accuracy, speed, balance, power, and flexibility at every stage. A lot of people may become frustrated at some point. However, earning a black belt requires endurance and persistence which makes the position more valuable.


3. It’s not good in ground fight or close range

Many people argue that taekwondo is not a good way to defend yourself from attackers because it mainly focuses on kicks and few hand techniques. This makes it hard to protect yourself from close range attacks. Even though this may be true, taekwondo still teaches its students how to identify vital points on the attacker’s body and helps them to defend themselves even better.

Taekwondo is a modern form of martial arts and is known for its effective and high-speed kicking techniques. The good thing with this form of martial arts is that it does not have any limits. A person of any age, gender or race can participate in it. In order to experience the best out of the art, it is important to follow all safety instructions. This is why students are advised to visit a physician before they can sign up for the classes.