Taekwondo- Mental and Ethical

Mental and Ethical


In all martial arts, ethics are of great importance and taekwondo is no exception. When it comes to mental and ethics, only one thing is clear; it differentiates between what is wrong and right. Taekwondo is often seen as an aggressive sport but this does not translate to the practitioners being aggressive in real life.

The main reason as to why protection is incorporated into taekwondo training is because no one wants to get hurt and no one wants to hurt the other person. This portrays taekwondo as being a sport that encourages safety and does not focus on being destructive.

Taekwondo students can improve their physical and mental well being through training. A true taekwondo student will know how to behave not only in the taekwondo class but also in real life situations. They are able to achieve a proper balance between good and evil.



What Is The HwaRang Code Of Honour?

In Korean martial arts history, the Hwarang warriors played a major role. They were responsible for developing hand to hand fighting techniques in the seventh century. The warriors lived by certain codes of honor. The following are the codes of honor that they lived by: The commandments are used by students as grounds for moral development. Students who do not understand the true meaning of the codes will never master the true art of taekwondo.